Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Common Questions and Answers

If you need any more details please contact the brandblazer domains team

I like one of your domains, how can I own that name ?

Most domain names are listed with a Buy-It-Now (BIN) price, so you can own and be using the name in as little as 3 minutes by using the online service – immediate access to quality names for your project/startup/business/brand with no fuss and discount prices.

If there is no online price listed (POA domains) or if you have questions about the process to acquire one of these premium domain names, please contact us to discuss the options and budget / price, and one of our domain specialists will guide you through the simple steps.

Do you include a logo for the domain ?

Yes, many of our domains come with inclusive of branding / logos which have been professionally designed, so that you can start your project straight away.

Are the logos trademarked ?

Not yet, but once you own the domain you can obtain your own trade, service and registered marks as necessary.

[ note this does not apply when leasing/renting/financing a domain, only on outright purchases ]

Does VAT apply to my domain purchase ?

If you are in the EU VAT will be applied to any prices, which you may be able to reclaim from your local tax authority.

Is there and ESCROW service option ?

BrandBlazer is managed by an Accredited Domain Registrar with extensive experience in both the primary and secondary domain marlets, and can use both our own and approved 3rd-party escrow services (at the purchasers’ expense).

Do you offer finance / lay-away plans ?

Yes, we offer an number of lease / rent / finance options for the domain names where you can spread the cost of purchase over time – please contact the brandblazer domains team with details of your plans for the domain.

How soon should I expect my domain transfer ?

One of the BrandBlazer domains team will transfer domain ownership (or transfer domain control if on a finance/lease plan) through our registrar platform with 24 hours of confirmed payment.

Is there a discount for ordering multiple domains at once ?

We do offer discounts on repeat / additional purchases, please contact the brandblazer domains team to discuss a bulk-purchase.

Can I lease/rent the domain for a short period ?

Yes, we offer lease / rent / finance options of our domains for approved projects – please contact the brandblazer domains team with details of your plans for the domain.

Will you BUY my domains or domain name portfolio ?

At Handpicked.Domains we careful select, review, register and acquire only the best domain names chosen by our staff – we do not buy portfolios or individual domains from unsolicited contact.
Services/options for domain sellers will be available soon from one of our sister brands, in the meantime try Flippa, Sedo or Ebay

Will you sell my existing domains for me ?

Currently BrandBlazer do not offer, and do not have any immediate plans to offer, a domain sales brokerage service or outbound marketing system for your domain names, only our own handpicked domains

How accurate are your traffic / revenue statistics ?

On many of our Domains For Sale we offer some basic information about the age of the domain, number of words, any existing/known parking revenue, number of unique visitors, inbound links and more.

All the revenue/visitor information stats are directly from our monitoring, not guestimates from 3rd-parties, so are completely accurate.

What is the Appraised Value shown with the domain ?

For your convenience we have integrated an Automated Domain Appraisal Tool to provide a computed (estimated) value of the domain name.

This utilises a methodology based on previous sales of the same and similar domain names, and also dozens of other pricing factors such as
domain length,
domain extension/type
word count
inbound traffic/links
and more.

It is designed to offer you a guide and in no way g’tees any form of asset valuation / resale value.

Expert Manual Certified Appraisals are also available on a per-domain basis (additional fees apply).