Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Common Questions and Answers

If you need any more details please contact the brandblazer domains team

I like one (or more) of the domains, how can I own them ?

To start the process of owning one of these premium desirable domains for your project/startup/business/brand, contact us

Do you include a logo for the domain ?

Most of our domains come with an optional to use logo professionally designed so that you can start your project straight away.

Are the logos trademarked ?

Not yet, but once you own the domain you can obtain your own trade, service and registered marks as necessary.

[ note this does not apply when leasing/renting/financing a domain, only on outright purchases ]

Does VAT apply to my domain purchase ?

If you are in the EU VAT will be applied to any prices, which you may be able to reclaim fro your local tax authority.

Is there a discount for ordering multiple domains at once ?

We do offer discounts on repeat/additional purchases, please contact the brandblazer domains team to discuss.

How soon should I expect my domain transfer ?

One of the BrandBlazer domains team will transfer domain ownership (or transfer domain control if on a finance/lease plan) through our registrar platform with 24 hours of confirmed payment.

Can I lease/rent the domain for a short period ?

Yes, we are happy to lease / rent / finance the domain for approved projects.

Will you BUY my domain or domains portfolio ?

We currently do not buy any individual domains or portfolios.
Services/options for domain sellers will be available soon from one of our sister brands, in the meantime try Flippa, Sedo or Ebay

Will you sell my existing domains for me ?

BrandBlazer do not offer or have any immediate plans to offer a domain sales brokerage service/outbound marketing system.